Hi you can call me a.l.l.i.e (or Allie) it's not my real name
it stands for all love lies in end. Here at fallogre I will tell you about the ups and downs of life. Comment as you please. And a final word of warning, I don't hold back on my views about the people that annoy me <3

Monday, 27 February 2012

uhhhhh being ill

still not better from my sore throat! If sore throats aren't bad enough it has developed in to a cold! Any way I promised to talk about something apart from me on this blog... exept I've not been paying much attention to current affairs cos I'm lazy, so I'll start soon I promise.
I would have spoken about the oscars but it was on in the middle of the night, what sort of person stays up that late on a sunday to watch an awards ceremony. Ok I know this much Meryl Streep won an award, am I right? Is anyone even listening (or reading)?

Friday, 24 February 2012

sore throats are painful

yesterday I wanted to go to the cinema, buts lets face it i was only going to spite certain people so I thought I'd let you guys know that I have decided to spend the day with my friend who I haven't seen in a while.
And I am ill (sort of) I have a major stomach ache and a sore throat so I can't really speak! I have drank loads of water and stuff but its not going away. I've had it since I drank orange juice before I went to bed last night... that can't be the reason I have a sore throat. Can it?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tip for the stupid

OK so I have a top tip for today (don't worry it's not a feature) I know everyone has someone they dislike, well I do. And there must be someone else who has friends who adore them! Well anyway someone who I was friends with decided to hate me, but all my friends still like her. Anyway she's planed to go to the cinema on Saturday with my friends (to see that film 'Woman in black') and she has literally invited all my friends, even the ones I know for a fact she doesn't like. Well anyway she told all of them not to invite me, yet she has the cheek to talk about it in fornt of me (???) so from convorsations with my friends and half of them just inviting me I know I have enough information to go, if I can (I happen to be busy this weekend). So my tip is: Don't tell people not to invite one perticaular person (especially if they are friends with that person) or go out of your way not to invite them, beacause their chances of coming raise by about 80%. Lucky for the girl I'm afraid of old things so I might not go