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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

true realiseation

Hi, I decided to post every week but I'm often quite busy so I promise to blog when I can. Anyway today while walking home I just suddenly felt as though I was living someone a stranger's  life, an to be honest I do miss my old one. Somehow in my mind starting fresh was the best thing, but I miss what I left in order to get here, what do I miss the most? the friends I left to get the ones who I have now.      Anyway, I promised to talk about other stuff so I turned BBC radio 4 on they always talk about random things but to be honest I have no idea what they were talking about.So I thought about what I have been listening to and watching, then I remembered what I saw on Monday night o my television about Arab people protesting about wanting democracy.  There was this one country that had a king and his son as prime minister and their cousin ran the army the whole thing was pretty corrupt if you ask me, so there had been protests for days about wanting democracy and the people spoke to this lady who was facing 15 years imprisonment for being there as a medic! The worst bit about it was that there was a HUGE  American Navy base right on the port near where the protests were and they didn't want to step in and stop the government from killing their people because the country has oil, that's truly sad isn't it? But I geuss thats how the world works. Not for the first time I felt truly lucky to live in a democratic country, until last year I honestly didn't know there were still countries that were run in that way.